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      Woman Alliance of South East Sulawesi (ALPEN SULTRA) established on April 8th 1999 in Kendari. Right on October 6th 2000, ALPEN is legally recognized by its Notary Act 21, authorized by Asbar Imran, SH.

      Along the government’s development program, women always placed as the uncounted group or society, whether in domestic or public sector. In result, women’s interests are never being count in the process of policy and decision making of this country. The one who gets the effect of that inequality at the first place are the poor and nondependent women. By realizing this condition, women of South East Sulawesi held various solidarity actions with short-term and limited actions. Hence, to empower the solidarity support, Women Alliance of South East Sulawesi established as the place of women’s defensive, which organized to stand for women’s rights of South Sulawesi and Indonesia itself.


Aliansi Perempuan Sulawesi Tenggara (ALPEN SULTRA) adalah sebuah organisasi non-pemerintah (LSM) berbasis di Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia. ALPEN SULTRA didedikasikan untuk mempertahankan dan berkampanye untuk hak-hak perempuan dan memiliki komitmen untuk bekerja ke arah penghapusan semua diskriminasi, eksploitasi dan kekerasan terhadap perempuan di Sulawesi Tenggara.
ALPEN SULTRA koordinat sejumlah program dan kampanye di wilayah berikut: ekonomi, advokasi, lingkungan dan kesehatan. ALPEN SULTRA memainkan peran penting dalam membangun kapasitas perempuan di Sulawesi Tenggara dan bekerja untuk mengembangkan strenthen dan representasi perempuan dalam sosial, ekonomi, politik dan budaya sektor.


Strike for the rights of poor and marginal women to get their access, control, and equal participation and benefit from their own natural resources.


To increase poor and marginal women’s critical awareness of their basic rights through education, economic, social, culture, politic, health, and environment, and also to increase their family income and prosperity.


Perumahan Az-Harna Griya Permai
Blok A No.14
Jl. Bunggasi Anduonohu, Poasia
Kendari – Sulawesi Tenggara
Kodepos 93232

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